Seven Golden Rules For Decorating Small Rooms

  1. Neutral colors, ideal to make your living room look bigger

The Decoration Of Small Rooms

One way to make your living room look bigger is by choosing for decoration neutral colors such as white or gray tones.

This trick is very common in Scandinavian decoration since by using white color in walls and objects, it helps to conserve light for a longer time in a room.

This luminosity, also helps us to expand spaces, without the dreaded boxing effect that other more striking colors can have, our room will look more prominent.

  1. Open concept and open areas

The Decoration Of Small Rooms

Another of the decorative trends of recent years is to convert the living room. Kitchen and dining room in the same space. Although this decorative type needs works, it is an excellent way to expand the area visually.

With the open concept, by not having a partition in between, our room will seem more full. We can separate the rooms in different ways, without the need for a bright area to subtract personality from each of the rooms in our home and to achieve more spacious spaces.

  1. A large mirror to expand your room

The decoration of small rooms A mirror is a way to enlarge a small room. If you are looking for tricks to make your small room look bigger, try this: place a large mirror that helps you reflect the light and open the space.

Thanks to the mirror we will achieve the desired visual effect, something that we will love if the size of our living room seems overwhelming.

Remember to choose the mirror following the decorative style used to decorate your living room.

  1. Find the ideal distribution for your small room small

The best method to get the most out of your room is thinking very well the optimal allocation of all elements. From its size and shape, we can choose the best delivery that helps us to optimize well the space you have at the time of decorating.

If you do not know how to get it, draw a plan of your room and start placing all the things you want to put in the room on that plane until you find the best combination of all.

  1. Think of the storage space

Small roomsThe storage space is one of the essential characteristics that we have to take into account when decorating a room. In the decoration of small rooms, this theme has been tried to solve with the use of multifunction furniture with storage space included.

We refer to centerpieces that open, sofas that allow you to store things inside, auxiliary furniture that occupies little space but is optimal for storing items, etc. Each time there are more designs of this type that will allow you to save a lot of space in your mini-room.

  1. Choose a sofa suitable for your size

The Small Rooms The sofa is one of the leading furniture to decorate your living room, that is why, when you choose the couch for your small office, do it is consistent with its size and shape.

Depending on your room, you can bet on a corner sofa or a small two-seater sofa. The decision will also depend on the use you make of your couch. If you usually only have two in the house, why have a big couch? Maybe it would be better to save that space to put a library or shelves that in turn will serve you to store all kinds of objects.

  1. Play with the color of the walls to enlarge your room

Small Rooms although it seems impossible, color can give a lot of play in the decoration of small rooms.

If your small room is narrow but elongated, a good way to enlarge it is by painting the side walls of a darker color, while if the shape of the room is square, to achieve depth it is better to paint that wall that we want to look like farthest.

All these are just visual tricks that at any given time will help you expand your room

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